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Cloud-Based Automated Quoting Engines

Automated quoting allows you to easily setup pricing that will truly reflect how moving & storage shipments are priced. Easily and effectively manage your pricing requirements with the simple click of a button.

Global editing tools and features permit you to update movers' rates, local rates, and interstate lane rates going in or out of a particular zip code or region, thereby simplifying the management of constant fluctuating prices.

Automated quoting automatically prices and sends a personalized initial quote email to 100% of incoming leads. The speed of response time has been proven to increase closing ratios.

Just a few of the many options contained within each engine:


  • General Settings
  • Coverage Radius by Zip Code
  • Local Per Mover Rates
  • Local Per Truck Rates
  • Local Per Mover & Truck Rates
  • Interstate Rates
    • Loading / Unloading
    • Flat Rates Per Linear Ft. or Total Weight
    • Hourly Rates


  • General Settings
  • Distances
  • Shipment Size
  • Locations
  • Routes
  • Regions
  • Holidays
  • Seasonality

Transform Your Network with Cloud-Based Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Global and economic pressures make business productivity and ROI more important than ever. To get the most out of your voice services investment, you need to harness technology to support business now, while creating a path for growth.

VoIP offers the traditional voice services to keep your business communicating, plus access to advanced applications that, potentially, help your staff be more productive and increase possible cost savings. Business VoIP services from Mover Technologies help integrate emerging technologies and enhance your investment by converging voice and data on one network.

VoIP Services Benefit Your Business Now and in the Future

You need tools that adapt to your needs and help your business grow and be more productive. VoIP services from Mover Technologies offer powerful new ways to communicate, while helping your business.

  • Potentially decrease total cost of ownership (TCO) - Using your existing network, create an on-premises solution or install a new hosted option. Mover Technologies has the option that fits your the size and scale of your business.
  • Increase productivity, access and flexibility - Providing integration with smart phones and PCs, VoIP services can help streamline communications. You can take your voice virtually anywhere. VoIP services allow one number to work whether an employee is in the office, telecommuting or traveling.
  • Simplify management - Free internal staff from voice services management. With Mover Tech, VoIP services are available as a completely managed solution, so you can focus on the needs of your business.
  • Manage multiple offices and campaigns - VoIP includes features that make it easier to support multiple locations, even across the globe, as well as multiple campaigns.
  • Prepare for growth - VoIP creates a platform for enabling future applications, such as unified communications.
  • Auto dialers - Call center-grade auto dialers assist your sales and operations teams stay on top of tasks that have been scheduled within the system – eliminating human error potential when dealing with the moving & storage process.

Increase Productivity - Reduce Workload

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