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What does Mover Technologies cost?

Pricing will depend on your specific needs. Please contact us for more information as we have the following licenses available or view our comparison & pricing chart.

Is Mover Technologies compatible with Dat360, Internet Truck Stop, GetLoaded, and more?

Yes! Enter your credentials and, with the click of a button, you can post or remove your transportation orders from most outside load boards using the Mover Technologies system.

Note: You do NOT need to have an account with outside load boards - Mover Technologies does have an internal board system. We offer these integration points to assist those that are looking to grow and expand their hauler base outside of the Mover Technologies platform.

Is Mover Technologies reliable and secure?

Yes. We have taken considerable precautions to protect your data. We run MoverTechnolgies.com on cloud based servers with redundant hard drives, state-of-the-art firewall protection, and 24-hour monitoring. All accounts are password protected. Additionally, we use SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) technology to transmit your data in an encrypted format.

Will Mover Tech work for me even though I have several different sales people receiving leads?

Absolutely, we have a call center-grade auto dialer and sales (CRM) to keep you ahead of others. You can assign leads to any number of sales people, even if they are in different locations. You can also assign more leads to your better-performing sales people! Set your lead assignment preferences just once, and your leads are assigned through the auto dialer automatically.

Does Mover Technologies really receive leads from any source?

Yes. We use the latest technology within XML and API feeds, as well as a system to read email leads (parsers) from any source and input them into the system for your review. If you have a lead source that we currently cannot read, we will install the reader for you, usually within minutes.

Does Mover Technologies provide a load board?

Yes. We have used some of the latest technology to provide available loads, as well as available packing, loading, unloading and/or unpacking jobs. The system also has the ability to post available space, local resources you are not using, and can be used online or via your mobile smart phone. You can view available vehicles/trucks/moving resources in list or map format based on the actual location.

Can I track my drivers/trucks/orders in real time?

Yes. By using our mobile application, you can assign drivers to orders or trucks, and, through our global position tracking (GPT) system, you can pull up and see where the driver/truck/order has been as well as where they are currently located to within 10 inches.

What tools are available within the MoverTechnologies.com system?

View our list of features.

What does the container look like?

You can see an image of the Mover Technologies designed portable storage container, as well as view important details about its construction and use, here.

How do I get started using Mover Technologies?

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