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Affordable, Scalable, and Reliable

You might be tempted to think that all of this amazing technology will come at a large financial cost to your business, but we've done everything possible to keep our prices affordable. We've priced our software to make it accessible for the do-it-yourself market, moving & storage companies, as well as corporate relocation companies, with no hidden costs or add-ons. We want to help you operate your business more efficiently to provide a better service to your customers.

Mover Technologies also makes more work available to you through our network of suppliers, who place available carrier shipments and local packing, loading, and unloading jobs on the system's load boards every day. These boards also provide a unique capacity handling solution, which the industry has never seen before, as well as the ability to post work to the boards that you simply cannot cover.


The features available from Mover Technologies surpass those found in similar offerings from the competition - I’m truly excited to use Mover Tech to kickstart my business!
— Jack Thompson

Mover Technologies provides you with a number of ways to customize your account.

  • Look/Feel – Upload your logo and toll free number for your visitors to see your brand when logging in to review their account.
  • Account Settings – Set up and structure each of your customers / accounts to show only what you want them to see upon logging into their profile.
  • Email — Customize your automated emails for quotes, drip campaigns, quote follow-ups, order confirmation, payment confirmation, confirmation of dispatched orders, and more!
  • Automated BOL — Create your own dispatch terms & conditions.
  • Credit Card Payments — Payment gateway to allow your customers' credit card charges to be processed via's integrated invoicing/accounting systems (including mobile card swiper if required).
  • Customizable Dashboards - Company dashboards can show as much or as little as you’d like to see upon login. You can create groups like, 'Sales – Dispatch,' and set a specific set of data you’d like those departments to see and have access to as they login.
  • Valuation - Licensees can offer valuation options to their clients. Set up with SelectRisc to sell valuation and allow them to handle your claims from beginning to end. If you don’t wish to offer valuation directly to your customers, we’ve also pulled together a program wherein the customer can order directly from ProtectAMove.
  • Leads — Add a new lead source with just a few keystrokes. Mover Technologies can accept leads and detect duplicates from any 3rd party source — including your own website!
  • Accounts – Add new accounts, set up billing options, invoicing options, and terms.
  • Set Default Values — Set default values for such things as required deposit amounts, sales commissions, and the number of days until a quote expires.
  • Automated Quoting Engines – Mover Technologies will provide your company with very extensive quote engine options for packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, 3rd party services, transportation, and so much more. An engine has never been built with SO MANY OPTIONS to assist your company provide data to clients/customers/accounts in REAL TIME.
  • Customer Accounts - Online accounts for each customer to help them view the status/location of their job or work order in real time. Creating an order for a repeat customer is incredibly fast: click a drop-down to select the shipper, input the pickup and delivery locations from an address book, or simply enter new addresses.
  • Packing & Supplies - Mover Technologies has automated the purchasing of packing supplies & materials by allowing our licensees to automatically price and order services from SmartPack Solutions. Set up your contracted pricing or take advantage of pre-set pricing negotiated during the set up process.

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