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With vendor management from Mover Technologies, the process of vendor discovery, information gathering, registration, qualification and selection just got easier – and more automated – than ever, and that means time and cost savings for you.

Mover Technologies spans the vendor life cycle, using intelligent questionnaires, streamlined workflows and process automation to manage vendor registration and on-boarding, reducing vendor risk and enhancing your sourcing process. It also powers vendor diversity programs by giving your organization complete visibility into locally and globally diverse and non-diverse vendors.


A Few of the Included Vendor Integrations

  • 3rd Party Service Companies
  • Packing & Moving Suppliers
  • Insurance / Valuation Providers
  • Air Ride Blanket Wrap Transportation Companies
  • Common Carrier Hauled Portable Storage Containers
  • Container (M&S) Companies
  • Packing, Loading, Unloading, and/or Unpacking Professionals
  • Rail Integration
  • Lead Generators / Providers

Take Vendor Relationships & Company Performance to the Next Level

  • Total Vendor Registration Portal: creates a web-based centralized repository of your entire vendor base, including both diverse and non-diverse vendors.
  • Pre-Qualification Management: gives you insight into vendor capabilities during the initial registration process by incorporating commodity/category-specific questions.
  • Diversity Certification Tracking & Verification: tracks vendors’ electronic copies of their diverse certificate types and expiration dates.
  • Automated Email /Fax and Batch Communication: allows managers to automatically request updates, notify vendors of certification expirations, and generate email requests for monthly, quarterly or yearly second tier spend from primes. Email schedule and content are fully configurable.
  • On-boarding & Enablement: automates vendor setup processes for payables, from prospect to active paying vendor. Functionality includes payment information collection, W8/9 document collection, and TIN matching.
  • Dynamic Qualification & Risk Compliance: enables you to easily manage collection, validation and renewal requirements of risk-related documentation through a formalized vendor vetting process.
  • Social Responsibility Compliance and Sustainability: lets you collect, review and manage vendor compliance and sustainability information.
  • Vendor Scorecard & Performance Management: lets you strategically monitor and assess your vendor performance.
  • Total Spend Reporting: generates automated analysis views of spend data based on commodity categories, diversity, locations, business units, top vendors and top spends. Federal SBA Compliance Reports provide auditable spend views based on government classifications and reporting standards.